Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Top 5 Jailbreaking Tweaks

5. DataCounter- Don't Have unlimited data? Like to keep track of all your mb used? Install DataCounter from Cydia, here you can keep track of the dates, and the size of the data you're streaming.

4.SBSettings- Tired of going all the way to the home screen, then all the way to Settings, and alll the way to General just to simply turn on your Wifi, adjust your brightness, etc. Install SBSettings. Slide the top of the status bar and you can control a series of options quick and easy. 

3. iAPCracker - iAPCracker is one of my favorites. If you like racing games or Temple Run or Ninja Jump, and you like to cheat lol this is the tweak. It allows you to crack the ip adress of the game which gives you unlimited money or credit on most and any game.
2. Dreamboard-Change your iPhone's whole disguise. Make it look and run exactly like a PC, fool your friends into thinking its the next new Andriod, and many more back grounds and themes.
1. Springtomize 2- Springtomize 2 is one of the most convenient tools and tweaks. You can literally customize your iphone to the fullest extent using Springtomize. Change sliders, change carrier options, fonts, themes, color, lockscreen options, hide almost any gesture, animations, app page switching, dock customization folders, and much more.  

Compatible with iOS 5 and down!!
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  1. What's the theme that you're using for SBSettings. It blends well with default iOS UI.

  2. The one i am currently using is metal-tech

  3. But its really called iPhone Native UI Popup

  4. Is that last screenshot really Springtomize 2? It looks like the Dock app...

  5. It's iretina++ theme for sbsettings

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